Wedding Ceremony

Fort Canning Wedding | Alce & David

Few years back I met the bride – Alce at a design school in KL. When this awesome lady walked into the classroom everyone thought that she was our classmate until she surprise us by introducing herself as our lecturer. From lecturer-student relationship we became friends, after I graduated from the design school and also Alce left KL to UK to further her education. We never meet each other for a few years after we left the design school till one day I received a phone call(definitely the pretty bride, Alce) asking me can I travel to Singapore to capture her big day. I quickly pressed the home button on my iPhone and go into my calendar to check my dates availability, thanks god that I made it there in the lion city to capture for David and her. Their wedding ceremony was small but a very warm one.

Venue : Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore 
Makeup : Jenny Goh, Autelier


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