Le Meridien KL | Angeline & Jeremy

I asked them after the wedding ceremony where are they going for honeymoon and Angeline replied “HOSPITAL”.

Jeremy and Angeline first met each other when they were 11, during primary school. They were not friends, and were not on speaking terms with each other as well. There weren’t any mutual interests and they were in different groups of friends. Jeremy then transferred to another school the following year, in Labuan while Angeline remained in Puchong. They then lost touch with one another, until they reconnected via Facebook, ten years later, when they were both 21. At that time, Jeremy was completing his Master’s in Psychology, in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Angeline was in her final year of her degree in Graphic Design, in KL. They first started talking to each other again on MSN, and discovered that they have great chemistry, and could comfortably talk for hours about different topics with one another. They then decided to meet during Jeremy’s summer break and the rest was history.

It has not been an easy journey for the both of them, as it was a long distance relationship with Jeremy being in New Zealand and Angeline being in KL, and they have to contend with seeing each another virtually, and not be there for one another. However, they do manage to meet each other in person every year, as Angeline visits him in New Zealand each winter for two weeks, and Jeremy goes back to KL, to visit her and his family, each year, for summer break.

After being with each other for 6 years in a LDR and meeting infrequently with one another, Jeremy was diagnosed with cancer. Angeline then flew to NZ to care for him. He was undergoing treatment and she continued to care for him as he returned to Malaysia for further treatment. After one year, Jeremy finally achieved remission. They then decided to tie the knot with one another and started to plan for a wedding. Unfortunately, after their ROM, Jeremy’s cancer returned again and they discovered that he would have to undergo further treatment, which disrupted their plans for a wedding.

However, they decided to continue with the wedding so here comes the touching images. We really wish all the best and pray hard for Jeremy & Angeline.

Venue : Le Meridien, KL
Makeup : Cally Tan

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