We are so glad to witness the church wedding ceremony of Christine & Wei Chuen.

“My dearest love, Christine, our own love story came at a great cost, with spent tears and excessive heartaches. From our early beginnings of easy penny short movie dates to an expensive tiring long-distance relationship with you in Melbourne. From my amateurish indifference and uncaring self to your unrealistic demands and snappy impatience. We’ve grown so much in so short a time, building our deposit of love and memories with each other. And finally on last year’s New Year’s eve, I got down on one knee, and on that night we both decided that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, in the embrace of friends and family. Come this March 15, we’ll be celebrating our 3rd anniversary together. A year from now, we’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary, but this time as husband and wife, united in Christ. What better way to commemorate our present and wonderful engagement than with Chong Yee?”

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